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Ray Bulson is a professional freelance photographer and owner of Wilderness Visions, Inc. based in Eagle River, Alaska. He has been photographing for 30 years. His fine art landscapes have been exhibited at Ptarmigan Arts Gallery in Homer, Alaska (2013); North America Nature Photography Association’s (NANPA) 2007 Fine Art Exhibit in Palm Springs, California; Rarefied Light 2016; and the Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers’ alaskaWILD juried exhibit (2008; 2012 best of b&w; 2015; 2016 best of landscape; honorable mention b&w; 2017 honorable mentions; 2018 best of fauna). Corporate clients include Providence Hospital and Willow Medical in Anchorage and Ashland Chemical in Delaware.

Besides fine art, Ray also shoots stock photography and is published in print and electronic media including National Geographic Viajes, Alaska Magazine, Alaska Dispatch News, Digital Camera Magazine, Stern Magazine, Nature Photographer Magazine, Nature Photographers Online Magazine, Delaware Beach Life Magazine, The Best of Nature Photography, Fire & Ice: Alaska, Greatland Graphics, Alaska Forum, NANPA Expressions 2007 Journal, 2013 Audubon Annual Report, and National Environmental Trust. His stock collection is represented by Alaska Stock, Alamy, and Panoramic Images and archived with Photoshelter.

Ray teaches digital photography and Photoshop/Lightroom workshops in the Anchorage area. He is a member of the Alaska Photographic Center. Ray was president of the Alaska Society of Outdoor and Nature Photographers ( from 2015-2017 and is currently a board member.
My passion for nature photography is many things. It is arriving at the trailhead at 5 a.m. to hike in the dark to rendezvous with the magical dawn glow in that remote location. It is ascending 4000 feet and journeying 16 miles carrying 50 lbs. of photographic gear to capture the crisp contrast of alpine meadow against glaciated peaks. It is standing in the misty rain because you love that wet, saturated look, or waiting an eternity for the wind to subside to achieve maximum sharpness. It is creating photographs away from the usual vantage point because you want your rendition of the landscape to be unique. It is crawling on your belly a few hundred feet so as not to spook the mountain sheep from their postcard backdrop. It is choosing just the right lens, exposure, and technique to realize and express your vision to others. It is the exhilaration of seeing the multihued water, striated peaks, vividly colored skies and foliage, and three-dimensional detail “pop” on the monitor transporting you back to that time and place. And it is the anticipation of the next photographic moment when mood, light, and composition converge that keep you coming back.

My photographic interests have always been founded on a love for nature. Photography enables me to experience a personal and reflective relationship with the natural world, commemorate that love in a lasting image, and express and communicate that love to others. It is the vehicle for defining to others who I am.

- Ray Bulson