Photoshop for Nature Photographers Workshop

Adobe Photoshop is widely accepted as the leading software for digital image editing. Originally developed for graphic designers, the learning curve for this extensive and powerful program is quite steep. Rather than teaching Photoshop from the ground up, Ray in demonstrates several techniques nature photographers can use immediately to enhance their photographs. Six techniques will be covered:
  • image cleanup (spot healing, cloning, and content aware tools)
  • compositing
  • merge to HDRs and Panos
  • hue, saturation, and luminance targeted adjustments
  • painting targeted adjustments
  • selective lightening and darkening (dodging and burning)
One hour will be spent on each technique and participants will have plenty of time to practice. These topics were chosen to highlight where Photoshop performs better than Lightroom in post-processing.

The workshop is geared toward photographers familiar with Lightroom and managing digital images on the computer, however, no prior knowledge of Photoshop is needed. Participants need to bring their own laptop computer with an up-to-date working copy of Photoshop CC or CS6. Also, bring your power supply and an extension cord.
April 13, 2019
9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Carr-Gottstein Hall, Classroom 226
Alaska Pacific University

Anchorage (map)
art slide
art slide
$179 (seminar limited to 15)